Business Concept

Based on a highly developed genomic sequence data base of the Chinese Hamster together with the expertise of the CHORUS´s scientific advisor, Prof. Nicole Borth, CHORUS will develop the CyberSpeed Cell Platform (CSCP) and make it available to its partners. The headstart that the advanced genome data set currently available to this group provides, should be taken advantage of primarily within the next 5 years, however, the technologies developed during that time will be of value for a longer period. CHORUS therefore aims at long-term strategic alliances that will allow synergistic and co-ordinated research development usually not possible within short term and bilateral projects. CHORUS therefore offers to interested partners the possibility to participate in the long term and strategic program of CHORUS-CSCP. The primary advantage of participation in this network is the fact that due to the joint financing by several partners the realization of the research can be offered to each partner at an extremely attractive prize.

The research program is focused in 6 separate, stand-alone subprojects that follow a common theme and synergistically complement and support each other. Nevertheless, they can be started individually and each can be integrated into already existing platforms. Each subproject is offered at a slower minimal version and at a high-speed, high throughput version, if sufficient partners are interested in the topic.

The research program was designed in such a way that the results can be classified as “enabling technology”. Due to this we expect that each of our partners will further develop the results of these projects, either alone or in cooperation with CHORUS, to integrate them into their existing production or cell line development processes. We therefore think that a joint industry effort together with several competitors should be possible, as the main goal here is not to outrun the others, but to remain competitive and to achieve freedom to operate.

All resulting IPR will belong to CHORUS. If any protectable IP is created, CHORUS will file the appropriate patents. Every partner of the respective sub-project, who contributes to the cost of filing, nationalization and maintenance of these patents, will receive a free, worldwide, non-exclusive and sub-licenseable license to use them. The license remains effective if a partner decides to terminate the cooperation. The license will terminate only if the respective partner discontinues their contribution to maintaining the patent.

Partners can terminate the cooperation by notice of termination with a 12-month time-limit. This can be submitted at the end of each quarter. The leaving partner will have access and rights to all results obtained within the 12 month time limit, if he contributes to the patenting costs.

CHORUS may, at any time, sign on additional partners for the subprojects to increase the possible research capacity.

Participation is possible by signing of a contract between a partner and CHORUS. As a rule, there will be no unnecessarily complex and multilateral contracts.