Become a partner

To become a partner of Chorus-CSPS is easy: it simply requires a bilateral signed co-operation agreement between Chorus and the new partner. Such an agreement covers all relevant issues including deliverables, resources, timelines, project details, project management, financials, termination, effect of termination, intellectual property and others.

To become a partner we suggest the following steps:

1. Signing a non-disclosure and non-use agreement between the interested party and Chorus.
The information given in the public section of this webpage is non-confidential information. In order to discuss the projects in more detail we would ask for a non-disclosure- and non-use- agreement to be signed first (NDA). A NDA-template will be sent upon request.

2. Discussion about the scientific program of the projects.
After signing the NDA we are pleased to discuss all project details with the potential new partner. Based on the specific interest of the partner Chorus will generate a quote for the participation.

3. Negotiation and signing of the co-operation agreement.
Finally we need to negotiate and sign the bilateral co-operation agreement as described above.