1. Optimised host cell line with fast growth

Current doubling time of producer cell lines is between 24 and 36h, resulting in fed batch processes that take on average 2 weeks. To achieve a one week process, doubling time would have to be reduced to 12-18h. Currently we see that for instance overexpression of IGF increases growth. Many microRNAs are downregulated upon switch from serum containing to serum free medium, with concomitant reduction in growth, while approximately 75% of the microRNAs expressed in serumfree cells are predicted to be tumorsuppressive. Thus there appears to be ample opportunity for engineering, both using genes and microRNAs.


  • controlled expression of growth stimulating factors, including oncogenes, growth factors and growth stimulating microRNAs
  • Downregulation of growth repressing genes and microRNAs

Target: Doubling time in CD-media reduced to below 18h