4. Maintained viability for high yields

Although currently used CHO cells are far removed from tissue cells in-situ of a multicellular organism, they still contain the genetic set-up and many of the regulatory mechanisms that are required for cell-cell communication. As outlined above, secreted factors interact with the cells in the culture and can have both a growth stimulatory or inhibitory effect, or indeed an effect on the viability of the culture. Based on a thorough analysis of the secretome of CHO cells in different culture stages and on its effects on cells, these factors can be used for controlled manipulation of cells during processes with respect to growth, productivity and viable culture length.


  • Identification of secreted factors that affect growth, productivity and viability (together with Project 3)
  • Testing of effect of addition of identified factors or their repressors on cellular phenotype

Target: Defined media additives for enhanced process performance